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What is Virtual Reality (VR) Therapy?

Virtual reality therapy (VRT), also known as virtual reality immersion therapy
(VRIT), is the use of virtual reality technology for psychological or
occupational therapy and in affecting virtual rehabilitation. Patients
receiving virtual reality therapy navigate through digitally created
environments and complete specially designed tasks often tailored to treat a
specific ailment. It is widely used as an alternative form of exposure therapy,
in which patients interact with harmless virtual representations of traumatic
stimuli in order to reduce fear responses. It has proven to be especially
effective at treating PTSD. Virtual reality therapy has also been used to help
stroke patients regain muscle control, to treat other disorders such as body
dysmorphia, and to improve social skills in those diagnosed with autism.

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Why use Virtual Reality as Therapy Treatment?

We have teamed up with Psious, a company that offers Virtual Reality (VR) environments to therapists to improve mental health. Psious is one of the pioneering companies in the development of Virtual Reality for therapeutic purposes.

Our VR Therapy offers immersive 3D simulations designed to treat a variety of mental health conditions. Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) is validated by over 20 years of psychological research, proven to improve traditional therapy in a number of ways. However, before the development of the Psious platform, this technology was only available at larger medical institutions or in research settings. We are now able to provide easy access for the public to use this fantastic cutting edge intervention. Virtual reality offers clear benefits for phobia & anxiety therapy.

Anxiety disorders, from relatively simple specific fears to complex general anxiety, affect approximately 20% of the population, and are one of the main causes of work and school absenteeism. These disorders affect the quality of life of the patient and tend to worsen if not treated properly. We now have the ability to gradually introduce you to your fears in a controlled and safe setting allowing for more accelerated results.

What type of problems can VR Therapy help with?

Virtual reality therapy is used to improve treatments for multiple disorders. The therapeutic modules allow a total immersion, a control of the parameters of the exhibition and the possibility of repetition of the scenes, including:


Fear of driving

Fear of flying

Pain Distraction

Fear of darkness


Eating disorders

Fear Of Dogs

Eating disorders


Claustrophobia MRI


Fear of public speaking






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