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Micropeel Treatment

Micro skin peel is the least heavy of all chemical peels.

They assist the skin to become smoother and gentler, enhance appearance, reduce pore size and discoloration. Furthermore a noticable difference in fine facial lines is attainable.

There is a high patient demand for periorbital rejuvenation

Since the facial area is often the first to show visible signs of aging. With advancing age, there are sometimes marked changes that occur in the skin, fat, muscle and bone of the periorbital region, resulting to wrinkles and skin laxity. These changes are among the easiest areas to correct using several minimally invasive techniques, which have become increasingly popular over the last decade. Lasers, radiofrequency, botulinum toxin, fat grafting and fillers are available treatments sometimes in combination to traditional blepharoplasty. This study attempts to show the benefits of a minimally invasive approach to periorbital wrinkles and skin laxity that combines microneedling and 10% trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peels.

Almost all patients demonstrated significant aesthetic improvement.

Procedure is well tolerated and all
patients are satisfied. Mild discomfort and transient erythema were quite common during or immediately after the procedure, however only temporary.

The micropeel process.

he process associated with micro peel is completed by the application of a chemical stimulant to the skin. The treatments are generally performed at physicians office or cosmetic salon by a professional or nurse and require about half an hour. Initially, your skin is actually carefully washed after which covered with a glycolic acid solution utilizing concentration around 20%-30%. Mild, momentary burning and itching may occur. Ice can be placed on the area to activate the skin after which it’s covered with moisturizing cream.

Make-up can be applied immediately following your micro peel treatment and you can go back to typical everyday living. There won’t be any surface proof of the procedure, however fair skin could react with a red appearance for a day.

The results of a micropeel.

With every micropeel process, lifeless surface cells will shed. The entire benefits are visible two weeks following every micro peel. To obtain maximum benefits you will need to have about six micro peels with two week intervals. Following this, the results could be preserved utilizing micro peels procedures every one to three months. For optimum benefits micro peels are utilized together with a skin care routine


60 minutes treatment: €190


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